November 2013 - Charley Taylor

Ourspeaker at the November MLCC meeting was our own club member, Charley Taylor, who has had a fascinating career which included political photography, photographing presidents and political dignitaries.

Charles Taylor is an international business lawyer in Philadelphia, concentrating on Europe. Until recently, he was the Honorary Consul General of the Federal Republic for the Philadelphia area. He studied at Harvard College, the Free University of Berlin and Columbia Law School.

As Photographic Chairman of the Harvard Crimson in 1958, he got his start in "political photography"and has being doing it ever since. He will talk about finding events to cover, becoming credentialed, what equipment to take, rapport with security, positioning and then photographing the event.


October 2013 - Scott Lewis

After discovering the power of photography in college, Scott Lewis went on to attend the University of Missouri's School of Journalism where he earned a Master's of Arts studying journalism and art. Scott worked for several years at newspapers in New Mexico, Illinois and North Carolina. While in Illinois, Scott led an innovative effort in documentary photography covering the American suburban landscape. After several more years in the diverse and challenging world of constant deadline performance, Scott began freelancing in the New York Region. He currently lives in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Scott talked about having a personal style and photographing people in staged moreformal settings like a portrait as well as working more spontaneously.

Go to Scott’s website to view his evocative work SCOTTLEWISPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


September 2013 - Jeffrey Totaro

We were excited to have professional architecture photographer, Jeffrey Totaro, as our speaker. He began his career as an architect and structural engineer. Having a life-long interest in building design and construction it only seemed natural to pursue a career in architecture and engineering. During his education and professional work, he was developing a strong interest in photographing architecture and interiors. Since making the transition from architecture to photography, he has developed an extensive client list of award winning architecture and design firms. Jeffrey’s work has been featured in magazines such Architectural Record and Interior Design in addition to several books.

Jeffrey covered the essence of architectural photography in regard to composition, working on location, time of day, and lens choices. Take a look athis website to get a preview of his spectacular work - Jeffrey's website:


August 2013 - John Benigno

Our own club member John Benigno was our August speaker. John is a very accomplished photographer who has shown in numerous galleries and juried exhibitions. Much of his work focuses on the landscape of Pennsylvania's Lancaster County, the New Jersey Shore, New Mexico, Arizona and Nova Scotia. John has taught photography at the Community Art Center in Wallingford, PA.

John focused his talk on his view of three approaches to photography: Your ability to create a visually exciting image relates directly to your approach to your subject. Your perception of the subject will involve one or more of three separate but interrelated ways of perceiving your subject -- the subject as it exists (its actual visual appearance), the subject as it may exist (its possible visual appearance), and the un-seeable potential of the subject (pre-visualization).


June 2013 - Bill Kelly

A photographer, artist, and educator, Bill Kelly has lived and worked in Philadelphia for over a decade.He currently teaches photography at two nearby colleges and maintains a small freelance photography business providing digital production services, event coverage, and documentation for local artists and business owners. He has exhibited in numerous regional art shows and continuously collaborates with other local artists.

Though rooted in photography, Bill’s artistic tree has grown other limbs, including printmaking, video, collage, and 3D work. At one moment a celebration, the next a gentle investigation, the works share an effort to hear more fully the echoes of the wild in the oft-tamed world of American daily life.

Bill shared a couple different bodies of hiswork, both of which stem from an early interest in landscape photography. Through that work he explored how hisapproach to depicting the landscape has evolved over the years.


May 2013 - Ricard Quindry

Rich is an internationally recognized commercial advertising photographer and Photoshop expert. He strategically crafts images that increase sales by enhancing perceptions. He understands that an image is only successful if it increases sales.

His specialty is digitally enhanced photography. Images created by combining his skills as both an award winning photographer and a nationally recognized Photoshop expert.


April 2013- Jill Galloway Sherman

Jill Galloway Sherman, a professional photographer and on the faculty of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. We invited her to our meeting to leed the group in a formal critique of our photographs.

Jill hasa personal teaching style of individual attention as well as an open forum where students acquire photographic skills and the ability to be self-critical and receptive to assessment, and to have the language necessary to evaluate and critique other works.


March 2013 - Todd Rothstein

Todd Rothstein is a wonderful photographer based in Narberth and he opened his own full service photo shop featuring a custom digital photo lab. In addition he is a very successful event photographer and fine art photogrpher. To learn more about Todd and see a gallery of his work, click here to visit his website: Todd Rothstein


February 2013 - Penny Hansen

Penny Hansen talked abouther photographic expeditions to India, Burma, the Himalayas and Bhutan.Her forte is Candid Portraiture....capturing "the moment" ...traveling light and howshe manages with no tripod, flash or multiple lenses....often shooting with just a fixed 35mm lens.....She is self-taught and only been doing this since 2007.
To see Penny's incredible photos, logon to her website


January 2013 - Bob Grieb

Club member, Bob Griebdid a demo and led a discussion on converting photographs to more traditional “art” using Photoshop tools and various printing and overpainting media. He discussed his “experience based” approaches, showing before and after examples from pop art to impressionistic “watercolors” and “paintings.

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