November 2016 - The Camera Shop - Equipment

Bilbo Blanchard from The Camera Shop in Bryn Mawr shared and demonstrated some of the new fun gadgets and gift ideas with the club. He gave a great presentation and generated much interest in the equipment and he also fielded many questions. Bilbo is also a talented photographer and instructor and offered several useful comments during our image review session.

October 2016 - Keith Yahrling - For the Revolution

  Our guest speaker Keith Yahrling gave an interesting presentation on a project he has been working on since 2012 called "For the Revolution". With the project he explored the area of the original thirteen colonies of the United States. During his travels he visited the locations where battles during the Revolutionary War occurred to locate the exact places where individuals fought for their particular ideas of what liberty should represent. He did not limit his travels to just the battlefields, because those ideals did not remain there but went on to influence people in the surrounding landscape.

September 2016 - Pam McLean-Parker - Photography with Intention


In her presentation on “Photography and Intention”, Pam shared her intention in her fine art and portrait-commercial photography and how intention found in the work of influential photographers throughout the history of photography have influenced her pieces.  Her work is beautiful and creative and we all benefit from her sharing it with the club.  When we have “intention” in our photography, we move beyond the pushing of the shutter button and expanding our creativity and the depth of our images.

Here are some of the resources Pam used during the presentation.

August 2016 - Jed Williams - Jed Williams Gallery


Our guest speaker Jed Williams gave an interesting presentation on his Center City Gallery. His gallery exhibits many forms of art from street art and mixed media to photography and sculpture. In the meeting he focused on photography.

This may offer exhibit opportunities for the club as a whole or individual member exhibits.

May 2016 - Barb McDonald, Bruce Feldman, Rich Stephens - 15 Minutes of Fame


Thank you to our three members participating in our Fifteen Minutes of Fame program.  Our speakers did a wonderful job of preparing and presenting their programs.

Barbara McDonald shared her experiences and images from Photo Workshops vs. Photo Expeditions (or trips) to several locations.

Bruce Feldman gave a nice demonstration and provided detailed handouts on Creating Funky Images using a paint technique and filters in PS which yields very interesting results.  For more information you may visit

Richard Stephens demonstrated his use of composition and images of local sites to grab the attention of the audience at scientific conferences (or how to keep the group awake when the lights go out!).  Using beautiful local images - what a great way to capture an audience.  

April 2016 - John Barclay - The Creative Process

  Our guest speaker John Barclay started our meeting with a wonderful presentation on “The Creative Process”.  With beautiful images as examples, he demonstrated the importance of exploring our subjects in order to best capture the essence.  John shared the importance of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow expand your creativity and your vision.  We were encouraged to know our equipment and use it to capture what speaks to us.

March 2016 - Danielle Austen - Long Exposures in Nature


Danielle Austen is an award winning documentary fine art photographer specializing in environmental portraits of nature. Danielle was trained in the traditional fine arts of painting, sculpture, drawing and photography where she received her BFA from Cornell University. She worked as a graphic designer before attending the master’s program at the Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, in photojournalism.

Danielle gave a very informative presentation on Long Exposures In Nature Photography.  The beautiful result of her work in this area and the equipment she utilizes was well demonstrated in her projected and printed images. 

February 2016 - Everyone Edit


Everyone was given four photos to edit in any way they liked in our "Everyone Edit" program. We saw a wide variety of processing techniques. This is a great opportunity for members to challenge themselves and think about image processing and learn about the digital darkroom tools available to photographers. We all benefit from hearing how the other members viewed and edited the images.

January 2016 - Amie Potsic

Amie Potsic is a photographer and installation artist whose work addresses cultural, personal, and natural phenomena through the lens of social responsibility. She has 14 solo exhibitions and over 85 group exhibitions, including internationally. Amie is the Executive Director of Main Line Art Center in Haverford as well as Chair of the Artistic Advisory Board of the Art In City Hall program of the Office of Arts and Culture of the City of Philadelphia.

Amie shared with us how to critique images. She discussed issues we should consider, a suggestion on a critique format, and language we should use for discussion.

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