December 2015 - Everyone Photograph - Haverford College

The club had great member participation in our first “Everyone Photograph” program. We viewed over 100 great images of Haverford College as a group and enjoyed seeing a wide range of subject matter and weather conditions.

Even though the pictures were taken at the same location, they were very different. This was both interesting and educational on how we each see the world differently.

Thank you to all for participating! The images were projected as a slideshow as everyone enjoyed light refreshments and conversation. It all made for a fun evening.


November 2015 - Member's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Featuring Debbie Laverell and Pepe Garcia
Several times a year, the meeting program will feature 2 or 3 of the Club's members who will present a portfolio of their work at the club meeting.

In November, Debbie Laverell showcased images from her trip to Southern India, featuring photos representing the following types of photography: portraiture, documentary, artistic, scenic, lifestyle, food, architecture and nature.
To view her presentation, click Journey to Southern India
Visit Debbie's website at

The other presenter, Pepe Garcia, showed interesting examples of his work from a photography course called 'Photo Assignments from Art History. Each photographer was to study various artists (both painters and photographers) and then try to create similar images to some of the original pictures created by the artists who were studied.

To view his presentation, click this link: Photo Assignments from Art History


September 2015 - Paul Grecian

Paul Grecian was our speaker at the September meeting.

His program addressed: "A Biography and Why They are Important."

In his words:

"My program revolves around the benefits of self-evaluating who we are as photographers as a way of being authentic in style, true to our art, and creating our own brand. I will show the self-evaluation I did and why it has been helpful. It will also include images that speak to who I am as a photographer and how those images were made."


June 2015 - Barbara Warren

Barbara is a fine arts, portrait, and wedding photographer who photographs people, landscapes, nature, abstract, and architectural subjects. Her work has won numerous awards, and has appeared in magazines and photographic books. She is a master printer and prints both her own and other photographers' work. She tutors individuals and groups in both photography and printing, and also restores old or damaged photographs.


May 2015 - Michael Petruzzi

Michael grew up in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. His artistic nature and love of art has guided him throughout his life. From his self-taught work in photography to his years in the music business. Michael has worked in the music business for a number of years. In that time span he has worked as a performer (drums), studio musician, engineer, and executive producer. His photographs contain elements which make his work truly stand out from other fine art photography. They are haunting, evocative and beautiful.


April 2015- Black and White

Our April theme was “Black and White". We will focused on discussing/comparing what types of images "work" better as color vs. black & white.

A perfect example of an image which looks best in black and white is the Adirondack barn by Ned Whitney


February 2015 - Gregory Cazillo

Greg has over 15 years of photography experience. He has worked in commercial photography, product, and portraiture for many large corporations and small businesses alike. Greg thinks like an artist. Or better, he SEES like an artist. While most people look at life's straight lines, its height and depth and width, Greg is bending the lines with his imagination and turning black and white into shades of blue and yellow.

Greg discussed External Flash Use in Photography

Proper use of your off-camera flash can dramatically improve your photographs. He reviewed the keys to using external flash, how to diffuse it and how to see the light.For more information, visit Greg's website:


January 2015 - Rich Stephens

Our own club member, Rich Stephens was our speaker for the evening and shared his knowledge of Color Management and Color Calibration. His discussion covered the importance of managing color from the beginning to the end of creating an image and some of the equipment used to do this. Color management is important from capture, to monitor and finally printers and projectors.

Click this link to access all the details in the presentation:

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