November 2017 - The Camera Shop

We enjoyed an interesting presentation on “Mirrorless Cameras” given by Eric Sives and Brian Rycyk from Olympus Cameras and Gregg Miller from the Bryn Mawr Camera Shop. The members had the opportunity to see and hold the equipment provided by the representatives.

October 2017 - Ron Tarver

  Ron Tarver’s presentation on “Avoiding The Other In Other Places” was enjoyed by the members. With the use of his captivating photographs and easy and relaxed manner, Ron shared his thoughts on capturing the essence of a location without the usual cliché. 

September 2017 - Josh Brilliant


Josh Brilliant gave a very interesting presentation to the members. His presentation covered a topic we do not hear very often – the inspiration for his work and why he viewed some of the work as failed projects. While he focused primarily on photography, his work covers several forms of media and is often inspired by literature. He also shared what he felt would have improved his “failed” projects. One good piece of advice – research the subject and location.

August 2017 - Andrew Stone


Andrew Stone gave a very informative and complete presentation on several aspects of framing our work for presentation. With his degree in art and background in education and corporate human resources, he was well prepared and his presentation generated a good discussion and Q&A with the group. Andrew shared the following reference material with the club.

A Consumer Guide to Materials for Preservation Framing and the Display of Photographic Images

Other useful materials about framing:

  • Guidelines for Great Frame Design – By: Greg Perkins
  • PPFA Guidelines for Framing Works of Art on Paper – Professional Picture Framers Association
  • Art and Picture Framing: Glossary of Standard Terms
  • Picture Framing, Vol. 1 – By: Vivian Kistler, CPF

May 2017 - David Graham


Everyone enjoyed hearing from and seeing the vibrant, visually captivating images of our speaker David Graham. David uses a large format camera to capture beautifully detailed images and he has worked as an assignment photographer for corporate, advertising, non-profit and magazine clients including Time, Fortune, Harper’s, New York Times magazine, GQ and Mastercard. His work, which has been exhibited in numerous Solo and Group Exhibitions, is quite inspirational.

March 2017 - Leah MacDonald


Leah MacDonald gave an interesting presentation on her methods used for encaustic photography, a form of mixed media photography. She shared examples of her beautiful pieces of art and answered many questions from the group. Her work is a wonderful example of taking our photography to another level and art form.

February 2017 - Tom Goodman - Embracing the Unknown

The presentation from our guest speaker, Tom Goodman, covered “Embracing the Unknown”. Tom encouraged us to spend time exploring what might be interesting in ordinary scenes or subjects. He shared a few areas of his portfolio which covered his interest in capturing “Fences” or images captured in the “Rain”. Tom also showed some of the images or vignettes he created in PhotoShop by scanning ordinary objects and arranging the scanned objects in vignettes in PhotoShop. This process requires an attention to detail, like adding the correct shadows, and making sure that the objects appear full scale.

January 2017 - Tony Wood - Light

Anthony Wood has been a free lance photographer in the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. He has worked in many areas of photography including: location shooting for editorial, corporate and non-profits, documentary, and fine art. His interests include traditional street photography, portraits of all kinds and photo illustration.

Tony gave a very interesting and informative presentation on lighting. His demonstration included using multiple strobes, on-camera flash techniques and natural light. He encouraged us to try a few things at home with window light or bouncing light off walls and ceilings.

Presentation - 20MB download (members only)
Presentation Notes - 2.7MB download (members only)

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