December 2011 - Stan Muravchick

Stan Muravchick, a long time Club member gave an excellent presenting on Digital Printing. Take a look Digital Printing Presentation


October 2011 - Denise Ippolito

Denise Ippolito was delightful, entertaining, engaging and very informative. She showed a collection of incredible bird photographs and explained her secrets for capturing such amazing images, including – ‘be on the scene first’ to get the best shots. She also showed a number of images which were manipulated in a Photoshop plugin called Fractalius. It creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. Everyone in attendance was mesmerized by Denise’s work. Check out Denise’s website for blogs, workshops and to download her amazing e-book tutorials


September 2011 - Anthony Wood

Our guest speaker, Tony Wood, is a free-lance photographer, wedding photographer and photography teacher. His work is very creative and he showed a series of street scenes, people, reflections, night, nature and manipulated photographs. Tony extolled the virtues of using pocket cameras out in the streets and for candid photography as the quality of the cameras is so good these days. Tony emphasized the following as most important drivers in his photograph:

  1. Light – it creates design – juxtaposition of light and shadows
  2. Composition – shape and forms, texture
  3. Technical


August 2011 - Andrea Baldeck

Andrea Baldeck, gave us a very inspiring presentation, highlighting her astonishing black and white photographs accompanied by eloquent and prosaic commentary which provided us insight into her vision of the world, the peoples and things in it – philosophy about life and photography, her unique view of the mundane and how it captures the human spirit. She shared with us her vision of how photography suspends the moment and uses light to create a vision in the mind’s eye. Andrea has published seven books and she brought copies of these for us to see. If you missed the meeting – you must check out her website: Her work is really awe inspiring and we were lucky to have her with us.


July 2011 - Dave Moser

Dave Moser, who is an extremely accomplished professional photographer made a fabulous presentation and showed us his portraiture works from his corporate, released inmate and housewives series. His images are unbelievable and evoke very strong emotion with the use of fabulous lighting techniques. The attendees were wowed by what we saw and everyone had lots of questions for Dave which he graciously answered. Dave shared some thoughts on philosophy, philanthropy, emotion, the craft of photography as well as the business aspect as related to his art. If you missed the meeting - check out his website:


March 2011 - Jack Ansley

Thanks to Jack Ansley for a great talk on the basics of photography and how to use various software programs to make photographs into works of art. Who knew there was a program to take years off our lives and slim down our waistlines!
John Ansley -

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