February 2018 - Jonathan Elderfield


Johnathan Elderfield gave a fabulous and well received presentation on “Street Photography” showcasing some of his work documenting life in Philadelphia and Chicago. Johnathan shared his purpose and method of approaching and capturing the images of people and their lives in the neighborhoods.


March 2018 - Jim Christensen


Jim gave a very interesting talk on compositing. It lets you mix your imagination with your digital captures to create images that communicate your vision more powerfully. He showed us examples of several different kinds of compositing as well as how to composite an image using Adobe Photoshop.



April 2018 - Laura Ducceschi

Many thanks to Laura Ducceschi who shared her expertise in macro and close-up photography. Laura’s presentation covered not only her images, but also included discussion of her techniques, equipment and references.



May 2018 - Debbie Laverell and John Fried - 15 Minutes of Fame

Thank you to our three members participating in our Fifteen Minutes of Fame program.  Our speakers did a wonderful job of preparing and presenting their programs.

Debbie Laverell shared her images and experiences from Iceland.

John Fried shared images from his personal project “Life of Bikes”.

June 2018 - Lori Waselchuk


Lori gave a very inspiring presentation on an important aspect of photography. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers – LIFE , NYT, LAT to name a few. Lori’s work focuses mainly on community and creating a visual of how we can be there for each other. You may visit her website for more about her projects. Very positive feedback has been received from several members. Here is a comment from Ray Schneider “I saw great photographs and learned valuable insights into photography and the human condition. Thanks!”. Her work demonstrates the important and powerful role photography can play in documenting and sharing stories of those around us and be of benefit to programs.


August 2018 - James Curtis

James Curtis

Jim Curtis gave an excellent presentation on “Learning From The Great Photographers”. This was a great lead in for our September meeting discussion. It has been suggested by several members that we have Jim return and give a more detailed presentation on perhaps three photographers and their work. Look for this program in the future!


October 2018 - Jessica Todd Harper

Jessica discussed her most recent work, The Home Stage. She started by showing paintings of portraits and family life by famous artists such as Sargent, Whistler and Vermeer. Then she showed her photos, many of which were inspired from these paintings. Even though these pictures were staged they looked very natural.

To see some of her pictures from The Home Stage click here.

Her book can be purchased at Amazon.com.


November 2018 - The Camera Shop


The Camera Shop presented some of the new equipment available including Canon EOS R, Nikon Z7, Fuji X-T3, Sony DSC-RX100 VI, Fuji Instax camera, Photography Gloves, Lume Cube, Breakthrough Filters.



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