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Checklist for image review:

  • Think about your histogram, is anything clipped.  Is it in focus?  How is the depth of field.
  • What is it about the composition that makes it work?
  • What is it about the composition that makes it not work?
  • How could it be made better?
  • What learning threshold do you need to cross to be able to so what you wanted to do with the image?
  • Is it balanced? 
  • Does it flow? 
  • Name the elements in the image.
  • How do they relate to each other.?
  • What holds your attention?
  • What distracts you?
  • How do you feel about the lighting?
  • What does your image say?
  • What emotions do you see within your image or what emotions does the image evoke?
  • Does the image tell a story?

Slowing Down: Essential Lessons for Connecting More Deeply with Nature - Recorded Webinar

Benjamin Zander - give yourself an A

Elements Photo Magazine.  My last article was in the March issue.  A very worthwhile publication.

David Whyte - poet and philosopher

James Carse - Finite and Infinite Games

An amazing resource is NPN:

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